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Facility & Equipment

We are continuously searching for ways to increase efficiency and promote safety within our company. For this reason, we have invested in some of the latest pipe and metal fabrications machinery and technology. We have also added services such as in-house AutoCAD capabilities and robotic field layout technology to better serve our customers.

Big Cut Machine in Action

Gore-Max 1.25 Demonstration

Spiral Machine Demonstration

Plasma Cutter

2015 Huntsville Hospital Project


Our fabrication shops and equipment, coupled with our skilled workforce, allows us to produce piping assemblies and ductwork faster, cleaner, and with tighter quality control than is achievable in a field setting. By pre-fabricating larger pieces, field erection is sped up; thus reducing installation time and offering increased project flexibility.

Our sheet metal shop includes a CNC driven plasma cutter, Gore-Max 1.25 gore locker fitting machine, press brake, shear, power roll, and accessory equipment items capable of working materials up to ¼” mild steel.

Our Pipe shop includes an overhead crane, power rolls, orbital MIG welder, multiple manual MIG stations, a “Big Cut” automated plasma pipe cutter, and a Tri-Tool powered beveling machine.

We constantly upgrade our fabrication equipment and believe having the best equipment allows us to operate at greater efficiencies.



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