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Beginning in late spring of 2012, POLYPLEX International, described as a global leader in high-performance plastic films made of polyester and polypropylene used primarily in food packaging, began construction on a 42 acre site located in the Mallard Fox Creek Industrial Park in Decatur, Alabama. On this project M&D Mechanical Contractors fabricated and installed over 70,000 pounds of HVAC ductwork that will furnish conditioned air throughout a 145,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Additionally, the M&D Mechanical team installed various portions of the plumbing and piping needs for the new facility. All of the underground drainage piping for domestic and process sewer, above slab plumbing fixtures and safety showers, natural gas piping, and the installation of a custom booster pump system was performed under the work scope of M&D. The project highlighted our company’s ability to provide multiple crafts for our customers. Completion of the first phase of this project is expected in early 2013.



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